For avid James Bond fans, the word Money Penny will instantly trigger the face of an assistant who helps him in all his movies. Facebook Messenger might get a virtual assistant in the same name real soon.

As Money Penny does in the movies, the objective of this newly launched technology assistant will allow the users to ask for favors and the service will get it done for them. It saves a lot of time and obviously makes you lazier than you already are. Users can ask the assistant to book tickets, get information from Google and even order products on Amazon so that they don’t have to do it themselves. Sounds like a crazy job for a computer to do, right? This is why this service will actually be carried out by real humans who will do it for you, for a really small fee.

An Assistant without AI

Money Penny is a virtual assistant in the works which will soon be integrated into the Facebook Messenger. It will be a platform where the users could pose questions, ask for suggestions and pose doubts which will be answered by real humans from the other side. Even though, it may not financially benefit Facebook when the service launches, the company will attract more visitors and will have the opportunity to keep them online leading to better advertisement. With over a billion people on their network, it is not tough to bring them in when they offer a service like this.

Money Penny vs Siri vs Cortana

Microsoft earlier confirmed that their voice assistant Cortana will be coming to computers with the launch of Windows 10 in July. It is going to give Facebook Messenger a tough competition and there is Apple’s Siri who has been doing a good job so far. The competition doesn’t end here because Google has Google Now voice assistant which will help you book tickets, find routes and get notifications without touching your phone.

There are so many options for users, but Money Penny has a huge advantage because the services are being provided by real people who may know how to differentiate between the right and wrong. Besides, they will be making shopping and travel suggestions, based on real life experiences, which makes the assistant more personalized than ever. Messenger recently allowed the users to find people using their phone number and it looks like there’s more room to grow than we assumed.

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