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Kaspersky Total Security works perfectly like its name as it provides unadulterated security than the rest of the antivirus products of Windows.

It offers a seamless protection against every malware; helps in file shredding of military grades, browsers of banking, secure shopping, webcam protection and overall performance boosting.

The Total Security package searches for the malware and eradicates it completely from the electronic device. You can get all the benefits in just $99; most of the time, receive discounts to cover yearly subscription. This subscription shields Android, OS X and Windows entirely. You can think of the total security package a place where you can perform all the computing errands.

How Total Security was tested

Total Security was tested in a number of ways. In one of the researches, it was installed in Dell Inspiron 7537 which was a two-year-old device. It comprised of 6GB of RAM, processor of Core i5 4200, the hard drive of 700 GB out of which 114 GB was filled with programs and data assortment; it ran Windows 8.1 with 64 bit.

The tests were based on the time Total Security required to get installed on the device. The researchers also checked the affluence with the device’s interface and the additional features. In addition to that, with respect to 3 benchmark scores of OpenOffice, the impact of the program on the gadget was noted. One of the scores was recorded before the installation of the program; the second was made while working with the ‘Quick Scan’ option and the third score was based on ‘Full Scan’.

AV lab of Germany, where every software evaluation takes place, was held as a point of reference to check the ability of Total Security. The antivirus engine of Kaspersky was hit with the worst malware in the month of January and February of the year 2015.

The Protection against Antivirus

Kaspersky detects threats by comparing the programs and files that you store on your device to a database that is known to all the malware signatures. Also, at the same time, a real time unknown code is run through the computer that bangs any malware and throws it out. The signatures of malware are kept updated to keep a tab on the recent attacks. With the Total Security of Kaspersky, you cannot have an instant scan, but you just have to click twice from the main screen to search for any virus on your computer.

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