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How Can You Download Adobe Flash Player for your Mac and Windows OS?


Over the years, our need for the Adobe Flash Player has become a must.

Some years ago, this player was not so important. However, it has come to be the most important today. If your system is running slowly or out of order or even cannot view contents visibly, downloading the Adobe Flash Player immediately helps. Yes, it will help keep your computer running smoothly and also prevent threats from the internet, etc.

Every computer, laptop, tablet, Smartphone and mobile device needs to have the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player downloaded and installed. This is important because it helps all the internet users and web-based apps to check online content and also watch online videos as well as pictures.

However, there may be some difficulties where downloading this software is concerned, especially for Mac and Windows users or devices. This difficulty is mostly due to the lack of adequate knowledge most people have, where downloading the software is concerned. This is why reading this article will help you deal with this difficulty. Read on to know how to download and use the Adobe Flash Player on your Mac and Windows operating devices.

Start from the Source

Start by going to the Source. Visit Or you can input into your device browser. Make sure your internet connection is clear and active. After you enter the input, the Flash Player download page will recognize your device or system automatically. When this is done, it will also give you the exact downloader that will meet your needs.

When this is done another page will open. When this new page opens, it will ask you to verify if the details are correct. Make sure you confirm it. Depending on your antivirus or security needs, you can decide to check or uncheck the McAfee Security Scan Plus.

Downloading the Adobe Flash Player Software

A yellow button that has a caption will appear on the next page with ‘Download Now’ written on it. When you see this button, click it. After you click it, save the file when you are asked to. If you have not changed where downloads from your internet should be sent to, then the file will be saved directly to the download folder on your computer.

Open the Installer

Go to the download folder and double click the saved file to open the installer. When you double click it a box will appear.

Run the Installer

When the disk image of Adobe Flash Player comes up, move your cursor and double click ‘Install Adobe Flash Player’ icon that appears in the window. You will then be moved to the next process.

Accept Warning

A dialog box will popup. This box will inquire from you if you are sure you can trust the content that will be downloaded from Adobe. All you will need to do is to click the open button. Do not be bothered or worried about the safety of your computer or the content that will be downloaded, because Adobe is a safe company.

Enter your Details or Sign In

Although the sign in prompt doesn’t not appear all the time, when it does you will need to sign in. If you are downloading on a Mac device, you should sign as an administrator with your password and username for your device. After you have entered these details click ‘OK’ to move on to the next level.

Finalize the Process of Installation

Now, you have reached the stage where the installation process is reaching completion. There will be a progress bar that will pop up on your screen. This bar will show you the status of your installation. When the installation is completed, click the ‘Finish’ button.

Concluding Remarks

Congratulations, you have successfully downloaded and installed the Adobe Flash Player to your Mac and Windows operating system or device. This means you are ready to start watching movies online, videos, pictures and others.

To ensure your software is always up-to-date, make sure it is updated when you are prompted of a new version available. Or, you can check for details of new updates.