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Instagram – Now Upload Photos to Your Instagram Account from PC


Instagram is a social sharing app that extensively allows you to upload and share striking photographs.

However, this app is restricted only to mobile devices. Users find it difficult to click the snaps, transfer it to phone and then upload it to the app. As computer holds more memory than any of the mobile devices, people prefer to click snaps from their digital cameras with high resolution and share the clicks to PC instead of mobile phone. To avoid such hassle, the developers have found new ways in logging to Instagram account through PC or Mac and uploading as many snaps as you want.

Here are the four main steps that can help you achieve this phenomenon.

Android Emulator

Android Emulator is one such software that allows you to run Android apps on Personal Computer. People who do not have smartphones enjoy the Android applications with Android Emulator. You can use Bluestacks as an interface between your PC and the Instagram application. You just have to install Bluestacks and download Instagram to use it the way you relish its features on your mobile phone.


Gramblr can be used both on Mac and PC. Instagram policies do not allow using their application interface for uploading images to Instagram; but Gamblr has found its own way to do it. So does this mean Gamblr is illegal? The answer is still a mystery; however, people make use of this application for Instagram without any problem or legal issues. The other problem that you face is that you cannot crop the image after the upload. You will have to edit it on your computer before posting it online. Also, you cannot make any Instagram account with the help of Gamblr.


Only Windows 8 users can enjoy InstaPic application. With InstaPic, you have a real life experience of Instagram. The look and feel of this application allows you to use Instagram exactly the way you have it on your mobile device. You can create new accounts, post images, apply filters and crop it as you want.

ARC Welder

ARC Welder is a recommended application for using Instagram on personal computer. It is computer software that Google has specially designed to test apps on the PC. You can have it on all the operating systems without any glitches. Once you download and install it, you will have to bring the apk file of Instagram into it as it does not include any built-in apps.

With these steps, you can follow, un-follow, like, comment, upload or delete photos as you do it on your mobile phone.