Sony’s Playstation 4 console is finally about to receive one of the phenomenal games in a generation, titled ‘Goat Simulator’.

We are not kidding because this is one title that simply started as a spoof and it was used to mock the wide range of insane simulators available on PCs. Later, some development studio, in this case, Coffee Stain Studios started developing an actual simulator based on goats. There isn’t much you could do in this game except living the life of a four-legged animal that goes on a wild prowl and knocks everything down. The objective is to cause as much mayhem as possible, and you may even hook your boat to a helicopter to cruise the world with ease.

PS4 Edition is out

After a long wait, the PS4 edition of Goat Simulator is finally coming to both next-gen and the previous generation PS3 console. While players will be able to enjoy two-player couch co-op mode on the Playstation 3 console, those who own the newer machine will have more options to choose from. You can call in three more friends and enjoy the game in four-player split screen mode. It is simply amazing because each one of you will get to be a goat, fight and destroy the world where there are usually no one around to bother you.

Goat VR Mode  

The most surprising announcement came when developers Double Eleven confirmed that they are working on a Goat VR mode. There is no virtual reality headset available for the PS4 console yet but the developing team claims that you will be able to experience this mode without any headset at all. The team didn’t discuss on what this mode is but from the looks of it, we do like to say that it could probably be a first person mode similar to Grand Theft Auto V.

The mode will allow you roam the world in first person mode, witness all the destruction with your very own eyes and maybe if you play for hours at a stretch, it won’t be surprising if you start developing a strong feeling for green grass. After all, playing Goat Simulator has been found to be causing such side effects but PC and Xbox players are not going to give up easily. The game launches on PS3 and PS4 consoles in the month of August. It’s time for goats to destroy the world.

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