Technology has advanced to such an extent that you no more need printed maps or have to get lost on the roads.

With the help of Google Maps, you can trust in its voice and reach the destination as it gives you exact right and left turns of the roadways. However, the new Google Map will even warn you against the nearest Grade Crossings of Railroad.

The Agreement

Google is all set to integrate the database provided by the Administration of Federal Railroad. Its services are spread to approximately 250,000 locations – private and public, across the nation. According to one of the surveys, 267 lives were claimed as dead in the last year due to rail road collision. With the help of the administration, Google is seeking new ways in trimming down this number. This decade was found to have an increased rate of deaths and hence, Google is trying to reduce the figure of fatalities as soon as possible with perfect accuracy.

The Reasons

There are several reasons that have caused the reduction in population. These mortalities can be prevented as most of the deaths are caused because of lack of experience amongst the drivers, unawareness of the coming train or the need to beat the speed of the train. The FRAs are thankful to Google as it is participating in a global concern. Not only USA, but even the rest of the countries can be benefited with this advancement.

Google is still in its development stage to introduce this facility of alerting the user about the railroad crossing. Therefore, there is no exact date informed for its commencement.

The Upgrades

Google has added voice to the maps for exact navigation. The drivers will not have to look at their electronic devices, which are providing the information. Such a voice helps them in turn-by-turn steering due to which the drivers will remain alert for any such crossings and obey the traffic rules and signals.

Government’s data regarding the railroad crossing is already provided to Mac and Android users. However, you will be unable to find the voice and audio alerts that can warn before you come across any railroad.

There are as many as 309 crossings in five of the South Hampton cities. These include private, public and pedestrians’ crossing. No fatalities were found in Virginia last year, though the data shows 42 collisions on the grade crossing; only thirteen people received minor injuries.

Applications Rail Road Crossing Made Safer by Google Maps