By now, everybody is familiar with WhatsApp and those who are new to it will love it instantly. Besides its amazing features, users can keep in touch with their friends cost-free with WhatsApp.

Blocking someone should not be an oddity. Why are you blocked though? There is an endless list of motifs, but the truth of the matter is that once you’re blocked you cannot send messages to the one who blocked you. It’s as simple as that.

But, some of you might ask: How can I tell when someone blocked me? Here is how:

  • If you activated the last seen feature, the last seen status for the rest of your contacts should be visible. You should see when your mate was active on WhatsApp (let’s say 30 minutes ago). But if you are blocked by one of your friends, this type of information will not be available to you. So, you should see only blank in the space where you normally see their last activity.
  • If you’re blocked, new profile pictures will not be visible. You will see older photos that appeared on their WhatsApp DP or the photo that shows up in the phone’s contact list.
  • If the messages you have sent never received those colored ticks, that means something is wrong. However even when the read receipts are off, the messages should still get those ticks. Just don’t panic yet, because sometimes messages take a while to reach the receiver, due to some network failures. When is the time to panic then? If you wait 4-5 days and the message hasn’t gone through, although you know the person you’ve send it to is online, then you are undoubtedly blocked.
  • The final way is to simply ask them directly. This way you will know for sure.

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