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Uncharted 4 Dev Says PS4 Power Boosted them to Add Real Time Cutscenes

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Uncharted 4 – A Thief’s End is easily one of the best looking exclusive titles on the Playstation 4 console, but it is going to be even better on launch, confirmed developer Naughty Dog.

In the official YouTube channel, the developers spent a leisurely evening discussing about the game and some of the amazing features that they have implemented into the title. The team was really happy that the PS4 console has so much power in it that it allowed them to realize some of their best dreams. One of them is to create real time cut scenes without those annoying black bars on top and project Nathan Drake with the same graphical fidelity that he has, within the game.

Creating Real Time Cutscenes

Wil Wheaton, one of the chief developers at Naughty Dog said, “It is definitely a new experience for us to do real time cut scenes in Uncharted 4. For a long time now, players had to put up with black bars on top of the screen every time they delve into the story. It is definitely annoying because it takes you out of the game and narrates the campaign in a whole new platform. But, this time we feel that it will be more immersive than ever”.

The team confirmed that the lighting found on Nathan Drake’s face and body will almost be the same as the one seen in the game. It is not only the lighting model but the muscles in his face and his bodily movements will be similar, both within the game and in the cut scenes.

“Every emotion that he delivers in the scenes will be found in the game. Sometimes, when enemies shoot, he will flinch his face and a wide range of emotions will be carried throughout the game that will make Drake look more alive than ever”, they added.

Playstation Experience Panel

You can watch the whole video of the Playstation experience panel where developers from Naughty Dog discuss about the upcoming Uncharted 4 game in detail. While it is bad that it has been postponed to next year, it is one exclusive that any PS4 owner shouldn’t miss. After delivering the amazing Last of Us, Naughty Dog is now ready to impress you one more time. The game will run at full 1080p resolution in 30 FPS while multiplayer mode will run at 60 FPS. It is an achievement to have made it run at this resolution.