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WhatsApp Plus 2.10 APK Free Download – Is This the Best Version So Far?

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There is a new version of WhatsApp Plus 2.10 APK that has been released and just like other previous versions; this latest app is available for free download from the internet.

WhatsApp Plus 2.10 APK is currently available for Android users only. However, as you may all know by now, this application is not available for free download and installation from the official Google Play Store, hence the need to get it from the internet. By running a simple Google search, you will be able to find the latest version of this clone app and get it installed on your Android phone.

Features of WhatsApp Plus

In case you have never tried this app, or maybe you are still wondering why you need to try it out, here are some reasons for you:

The latest version of WhatsApp Plus 2.10 APK will add more good than bad to your instant messaging experience. One thing you will love about this app is its ability to customize every aspect of the app, making it look and feel just like you want. You can change the backgrounds, colors, fonts, sizes and themes. Unlike the original app, you can upload files with a size of up to 50MB, which means there is no resizing of photos to accommodate them in messages.

The latest version also allows users to share music files, hide profile picture, show phonebook pictures when in the chat screen as well as partially copy and paste texts. This new version of WhatsApp Plus also lets users view the status of other contacts when in the chat window. In case you were wondering, using this new version will not get you banned from WhatsApp servers, but make sure you, first of all, remove the original app from your phone.

WhatsApp Plus 2.10 APK new features

WhatsApp Plus 2.10 APK free download comes in with new abilities for Android users. Unlike in the original version where you can only attach a maximum of 10 photos when sending picture messages, WhatsApp Plus latest version allows users to attach and send unlimited photos at once.Also, it will now be possible to display photos and videos without the need for loading them on your Android phone. The new WhatsApp Plus also lets users copy links of photos and videos and share them.

How to install WhatsApp Plus 2.10 APK on Android

Installing the latest version of WhatsApp Plus 2.10 APK on your Android phone is a very easy task. All you need is to get this APK file from the internet (run a Google search for the app) and once it is on your phone, you can install it. However, remember to change the security/app settings of your phone so as to allow this APK file to install.

As noted earlier, you must again remove the currently installed WhatsApp before moving on with installing the new clone app. Once this is done, find the APK file and tap on it to start theinstallation. After the latest WhatsApp Plus 2.10 APK is installed on your phone, remember to restore the messages from the previous app so that you can carry on with your conversations from where you left.