A year ago, the console gamers were not convinced yet to start the digital gaming revolution because they were still loyal to boxed games. But Microsoft and Sony didn’t give up so easily and upgraded their consoles in a way to adapt to the digital video games market, and the fans seem to embrace them. If you’re new to digital console gaming and you’re oscillating between Xbox One and PS4, in this article we’ll try to help you decide which console is better for you.

Digital games can be bought before their release date

The owners of both consoles are able to buy games from their stores, and if they’re new, their prices are around $60 (including pre-order bonuses and upgrades). The games are available for purchase way ahead of their release date and the fans can buy them using their credit cards. Once they’re released, the gamers can download them and start playing them.

The gamers can purchase digital games in stores and they’re kept on services until the users can download them to their consoles. Also, the PS4 owners are allowed to redownload their favorite digital games when they change their hard drives with bigger ones. And thanks to Xbox Live, the users are able to download games to external hard drives when their consoles are running out of space. If, before, PS4 had more advantages, now it seems that Xbox One recovered the lost ground by receiving updates to the Xbox SmartGlass application and the Xbox Store.

The gamers can rent digital games

Sony has a big advantage when it comes to video game rentals, because Xbox One relies on EA Access, the place from where the users can download full digital versions of various games, if they pay a monthly subscription of 5 dollars. Initially, EA Access downloads offered sports releases, but the service received many tiles and this fall, it will add Dragon Age Inquisition.

The users can get discounts of up to 10 percent on games created by EA Access if they’re paying also for the subscription and they have early access to games that are about to get released. If you want to pay the EA Access subscription for the entire year, it will cost you around 30 dollars.

Sony has its PlayStation Now service which comes with a subscription of 20 dollars that allows the users to download some titles without paying extra money. However, it’s not necessarily to pay the subscription to have access to awesome games. You can just rent games such as Mass Effect and Assassin’s Creed through the PlayStation Now service.

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