Apple is still very much in control of the elite smartphone market with its prestigious iPhone 6 and its brother iPhone 6 Plus.

These two have brought a lot to the table since they were released towards the end of last year, but it seems Apple still has some room for more this year.

Here’s all we know regarding the upcoming iPhone 6S, its release date, specifications, pricing as well as the new features that the company intends to add. There are also some speculations that Cupertino might opt for the release of iPhone 7. However, nothing has yet to be confirmed.

Will it be iPhone 6S or iPhone 7?

If we were to stick with the smartphone history of Apple, then the next model in line would be the S model. But there are some chances that the company might do away with this tradition this year and instead come in with a new iPhone 7 – anything is possible. There are even reports that hint to this, claiming that the next iPhone will be a total change and shift from the current models.

Apple has recently had a tradition of rolling out two iPhones – we saw it with the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, the same also happened with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, so why not with the next release? Even though this might be possible, the rumors surrounding the subject are fragile, but it may too early to talk about the same.

iPhone 6S release date

So, when will we see the next iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 for that matter? Well, it has kind of become a very easy thing to predict when a new gen flagship smartphone is coming. While most manufacturers will pick the annual release schedule, others prefer rolling out a new model after every six months. Apple takes its place in the former category, and since the last launch was last September, we expect that this September will also bring another generation of new iPhones to the smartphone industry. However, keep in mind that if Apple releases two iPhones, they might not be released to the public on the same date.

Design and specs of iPhone 6S

In the past, Apple has retained lots of the design and specifications aspects of all S models. However, there are usually some tweaks that make it a little different from the flagship models, with the company saving the major changes for the next full model, for instance, the iPhone 7.

There are high chances that the upcoming iPhone 6S will have similar looks as the current iPhone 6, use a similar chassis as well as same color variants. Since the components inside the new iPhone 6S will not be similar to those in the current iPhone 6, the weight will probably change. According to leaked images, the iPhone 6S will be a 0.13mm thicker than the iPhone 6.

Many Apple enthusiasts may be dreaming for 32GB to be the least storage option for all iPhones, but it seems the company will keep it at 16GB. There will be a 19nm processor, and it seems the company will also avail this in different variants of 64GB and 128GB. The screen size is expected to remain at 4.7 inches unless the company opts for an iPhone 6S Plus with a 5.5-inch display screen. On the side of the resolution, the next iPhone 6S will keep the same resolution as that on the iPhone 6.

What’s new in iPhone 6S?

In case, the Apple retains the design and looks of the new iPhone 6S, then expects some changes in the hardware of the phone. There are some rumors pointing towards a new A9 processor and RAM of 2GB. Also, some speculate the Touch ID might be integrated into the phone’s display as opposed to where it is – the home button.

However, one most exciting rumor is that the phone might come in with Force Touch technology, which has already been witnessed on the Apple Watch as well as the latest MacBook. Using this technology, the phone’s screen will be able to differentiate between a tap and press. However, don’t be surprised if this feature is only availed on the iPhone S6 Plus.

When it comes to the camera, there are lots of rumors too; some suggesting that a new 21MP rear camera is in place, but the most viable one points at 12MP. According to the iOS 9 code, the front camera will be able to capture 1080p videos @60fps as well as capture 240fps slow motion. There will also be support for a flash.

iPhone 6S price

At the moment, there is no any news of the price of the next iPhone 6S. However, basing on the pricing of the current iPhone 6 models, we expect the price of this phone to be in the same price range.

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