There were rumors according to which Apple was going to unveil a new Apple TV at the WWDC, but that didn’t happen and the fans were disappointed. The thing is that in January Apple launched an Apple TV device with upgraded hardware and the Worldwide Developers Conference took place in June, which means that it was too early for Apple to announce a successor. But, the rumors didn’t stop there and continued to add fuel to the fire, saying that the new Apple TV with support for Netflix-style VOD service could be released in the near future.

The release of a new Apple TV device is imminent, according to some sources who said that “The platform is ready and it rocks” and until now, there were some clues about its existence on iOS 9 betas, OS X El Capitan betas and HomeKit frameworks. Plus, Apple released a document titled “Set up and use HomeKit-enabled accessories with your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch” in which the users are taught how to use HomeKit devices with their iOS device and to control their accessories away from home, and this last part is referring to Apple TV.

The owners of the third generation Apple TV, which runs on iOS 7.0 or later, can control their HomeKit-enabled accessories with their iOS devices, when they’re away from their homes. They can use their Apple ID from their iOS devices / Apple TV to sign into their iCloud accounts and using Siri commands, they can remotely control their accessories. But in the document, it is specified that this will work with Apple TV (3rd generation or later), which means that a successor will make its appearance very soon.

A code in OS X 10.11 El Capitan Beta leaked the new Apple TV remote

9to5Mac reported that there’s a file inside of El Capital which is related to a new Bluetooth Remote Control, which has a dedicated Bluetooth wireless chip that connects to devices using an infrared sensor and which has a Multi-Touch trackpad containing inertial scrolling support. 9to5Mac isn’t 100 percent sure, but the file may have a reference to Force Touch support. Also, it is believed that the remote of the new Apple TV might have built-in support for Siri so that the users could give voice commands to search for content.

Features of the Apple TV hinted in iOS 9 Beta

In iOS 9, the users will search content with Spotlight and the results will be obtained from the applications installed on the iPhones, from the web and from third-party applications. According to Josh Centers of Tidbits, the search function on Apple TV is a total mess, because the users have to dig into each application to look for a tv show. iOS 9 will come with a new Spotlight API and the developers will tie their applications’ data into the Spotlight and the results will be more accurate and obtained directly from the source. For example, when the users will search for “bacon”, they will get recipes from Paprika. It would be awesome if the Apple TV will support in-app search to allow the users to check if their favorite shows are available on iTunes, Hulu Plus or Amazon Prime Instant Video.

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