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Download and Install Viber from Google Play Store free


Viber is one of the most successful and respected names in the IM or instant messaging application world.

There are so many people who have over the years benefited from this application or software. So, you can also benefit. Viber is a free calling, messaging and video app. It allows users to make free video and audio calls, send instant messages, send pictures, free texts, and others. This means you do not have to rely mainly on landlines or mobile phone calls when you need to get into contact with your loved ones abroad.

Active Internet Connection is required

When you use Viber, you can benefit from one on one chats with other loved ones and friends who also have the app installed on their device. One good thing about Viber is that it is simply free. All you need is your internet to be working 100% at all times. Also, this app has no location restrictions or mobile carrier specifications. If you have an active internet connection, you can chat and talk all you want with Viber.

Whether you are using mobile Internet data or Wi-Fi, all, you need to make sure it is working well. This is because this app will never break if your internet doesn’t break. Viber is a Rakuten owned application. Unlike other IM apps that make it difficult for you to contact or communicate with friends and family who do not have the app installed on their devices, Viber uses the ViberOut feature to break this.

Using ViberOut Feature to Reach Non-Users of the App

With Viber, you can get in touch with non-users of the app easily with the ViberOut feature. This service although makes it easy for you to reach all loved ones who do not use the service, you need to pay for the minutes with money. All you need to do is to click the ViberOut feature and buy the points you need to make those calls when there is the need to.

Installing Viber from Google Play Store

It is very easy to install Viber from Google Play Store on your mobile device. All you need is to enter the store into your phone and type in ‘Viber’. Enter the word typed and you will have results. Open Viber app and click on the download button you see. This app doesn’t take so much time to download and install. However, your internet connection will decide the speed. Make sure you install this app on a device that is Android 2.3 at least or above. If not, there is no way it will be able to install.

Setting the app up can be quickly done as well. This is because of the on-screen instructions to set it up. In setting it up, make sure the correct mobile number is used. This is because the app will need to verify the mobile number before it creates your account. Also, make sure parameters where your country codes and locations are accurate, even though the app handles location search.

Logging in with Facebook

You can login into your Viber account with your Facebook account details. All you need to do is to enter your Facebook username and password.