Google Earth celebrated its 10th anniversary last week. With this merriment, it introduced a new layer to its collection known as Voyager.

Keyhole, the first name of Google Earth, has allowed us to view the areas through layers such as Satellite Imagery, Earth View landscape and Street View highlights. However, with the new collection, we can have a view of all the cities of the world that support Google Earth in three dimensions.

3D Mesh Support to Google Earth

With 3D mesh, Google is all set to make the views 3D. This new layer has surprised many of its users; however, most of the people are unaware of the basic Google Earth facts. With the Landscape and the Highlight view, the users were just able to see the roads procured by the satellite. It’s spread over Asia and Africa is still a debatable issue; although, South Africa is now seen in making full-fledged use of Google Earth.

Indian Cities Participating in 3D View of Google Earth

PMO and Rashtrapati Bhavan of India will also, most likely, be seen on Google Earth in three dimensions. Nevertheless, Indian government is still debating on the news to have live spectators for its main cities. One of the home ministry officials announced in an interview that they have permitted Google to display the major Indian cities.

Google can now make 3D images live of the South Block, where the Prime Minister’s office and Rashtrapati Bhavan are situated. In addition to that, Google is on its toes to seek permission from the Indian government to give North Block a 3D view on Google Earth.

The Latest Updates of Google Earth

You will be able to see two vivid triangular icons with the new layer. The ‘Existing Coverage’ has a point at the top of the triangles whereas the triangles with points at their bottoms have ‘Latest Updates’. You can even click on the triangles to understand the name of the place and fly there. It also shows the population of that habitation. However, the year and the details about this fact are kept hidden from the users.

You can view 3D image of any place with the help of Google Earth as if you are flying over to that place. Once zoomed in, you will be able to see the cities, terrain, buildings in three dimensions. You can explore this facility better on the latest versions of iOS and Android.

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