In case you live in the United States, then you should know that Google is bringing its Google Fiber high speed internet connection to public housing, making sure that the students that can get online whenever they want, for FREE!

Google made an official announcement on its Google Fiber blog saying that they are launching a program to connect residents in select public and affordable housing properties for 0 dollars per month with no installation fee.

With other words, these public houses will have free high speed internet. According to ZDNet, Google’s new initiative is part of the ConnectHome program. This program was launched by the White House and the US department of Housing and Urban Development.

Unfortunately, Google didn’t specify how many individual homes will be included in the Google Fiber program. Currently, Google Fiber is available in public houses from Kansas City and Provo (Utah) and Austin (Texas) and according to Fortune, the big search engine company wants to bring Google Fiber to Portland and Phoenix.

Google also said that they will offer a digital literacy program for people who don’t know how to use a computer or those who are not accustomed with the Internet. Google also confirmed that an early trial of the program was already launched and it seems that half of the ones who’ve signed up for the program have passed the training.

At the same time, another internet service provider is planning to join the project, by bringing Internet to public housings. Cox Communication is planning to release a low-cost monthly internet in Louisiana and CenturyLink will do the same thing in Washington.

It seems that, soon enough, a good part of public houses from the United States will have high free internet speed and we’re pretty sure that this will make a lot of people happy.

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