The first cues that tell you you’re experiencing petty Wi-Fi connection is when you seem to be connected but your internet is running slow or when your Wi-Fi is draining your battery life (badly). But having a Wi-Fi crisis can happen just anywhere due to multiple reasons: bad Wi-Fi signal or simply because you’re surrounded by thick walls and so on. Stay tuned to find out our 5 quick tips on how to improve Wi-Fi signal on an Android device.

  1. Frequency band must be switched to 5 GHz

If you opt for the 5 GHz instead of the 2.4 GHz, you can get a lot of free space regarding the spectrum and the majority of Android gizmos can function on the latter frequency. You get 23 channels ( 20MHz/each) on the 5 GHz frequency instead of 14 which you get with the 2.4 GHz one. To enable this start by heading on to Settings, then Wi-Fi, click on Advanced and then Wi-Fi Frequency band and then click Auto. So, each time it is possible your Android phone will use the 5 GHZ band.

  1. Trail the Wi-Fi signal

Ever been in that situation when you’re simply spinning in circles to find that perfect spot in order to get that perfect signal? Most of us can definitely relate to such a situation. There is more than one occasion when those Wi-Fi bars keep going up and down.

So we’ll let you in on a great tip: to find those great places with amazing Wi-Fi signal, you will have to install Wi-Fi Signal Booster on your device. Once you download it, click Manual Boost and stay focused on the red line while you’re moving from one corner to another to get the signal. When the red line (your current signal) is closer to a yellow one( the signal you find) the better your chances are of finding the best signal.

  1. Phone case might be impeding the signal

Did you know that a lot of mobile phone cases can worsen your Wi-Fi signal? If your phone has a metal case, then you know what we’re talking about. But, just to make sure you can do a quick text, called an Ookla speed test. Start by taking the phone case off and then staying right were you are, put it back on and repeat the test. If there is any modification, you have found your culprit.

  1. Find out the best Wi-Fi access points

A great way of finding this out is with the Wi-Fi analyzer application. The first feature implemented in the latter app is that it offers you the best channel you can opt for when it comes to your network. Translation? You can shape up the network as you please. The other feature in the app is that it immediately tells you which is the network that has the sturdiest connection. And the final feature is that is grants you immediate access to any network data like IP addresses, DNS and so on.

  1. Place your router strategically

Adding the router in the perfect spot does make a difference, believe us. Most people usually opt for places near the cable or the phone, but it’s not what we would recommend. If it can be moved, have a sneak-peak at the Wi-Fi FDTD solver app. This will show you exactly how strong or weak the router signal is.

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