Microsoft has officially confirmed that the Windows 10 operating system has been finalized and is ready to be shipped. Once it launches, Minecraft Windows 10 edition will be readily available on the platform.

While Mojang highlighted many of the features of this upcoming edition of the game, including the ability to easily control the world, using touchscreen devices and playing with people on the iOS and Android devices, they didn’t reveal the issues it has. The main problem with Minecraft Windows 10 edition is that it runs on the C++ platform which is not so mod friendly. However, it is the version that runs on both the iOS and Android machines because of cross platform play is supported for the first time.

Why C++ is the Future?

The main idea that Microsoft and Mojang have at the moment is to make Minecraft run on all platforms. It is never possible until the developers change the basic programming of the game from Java into C++, which is what they are doing at the moment. In the near future, Microsoft wants the game to support full cross platform play which will make it much easier for players to compete against one another. Players on iOS and Android can now play with any PC gamer who is playing the same version of the game on the Windows 10 operating system.

Java might be phased out, according to experts. The problem that lies in C++ is that it was never designed to be friendly for mod creators. Even though, it is not impossible to create mods on this platform, it will never be as easy as Java. But, the inevitable change is something that both the players and the creators should be ready to embrace. It may take time but will eventually lead to it.

Special Features of Windows 10 Edition

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition will have full support for stylus as well as touch screen displays. With the new operating system, there will be more displays and other devices that come integrated with touch screens. Players will find it extremely easy to navigate through the world by simply tapping on the screen and even placing blocks with an ease like never before. Cross platform play is going to be the highlight that will allow millions of players on the iOS and Android platforms to compete with the PC Gamers. In the near future, the game will also support Holo Lens virtual interface as it has been designed for it.

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