The end of the year has been the favorite time for both Apple and Samsung when they battle it out for launching the best flagship smartphones of the season.

After a hiatus, Samsung has finally managed to beat the iPhone with their Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge phones. The company is not going to rest after this victory because rumors claim that they are all set to launch two different phones in the month of August. That is exceptionally early, considering the fact that their older models are still selling like hot cakes and these launches might cannibalize their own phones. But, if the news is to be belied, the manufacturer is going to officially launch the Galaxy Note 5 on August 12. As if it’s not enough, they plan to bring in the S6 Edge Plus as well on the same day. It will be made available to the general consumers as early as August 21.

Bad Marketing Strategy

Most analysts and critics from leading magazines already claim that this could be a bad move for Samsung if they launch two great phones on the same day. After all, the market is already crowded with devices with HTC, LG, Asus among many other companies. If Samsung brings their new note and a bigger version of the Edge phone, it might eat one another, hardly giving an opportunity for the phones to sell.

But, from the manufacturer’s point of view, it is an attempt to break into Apple’s territory before they could launch their new iPhone 6S. The phone, if launched with a button less design and finger print sensor on the screen, could easily sell much higher than its earlier versions. By bringing their devices to the market earlier, Samsung aims to convince the buyers to go for their phones and make the best use of the time that they get before a possible launch of an iPhone in the month of October or November.

Incoming Nexus Phones

Samsung has a new competitor this year apart from the iPhone 6S. Other sources confirm that Google is going to launch two different Nexus phones this time, with amazing hardware specifications, but screen sizes that are more compact than earlier editions. The phones will be made by LG and Huawei. With two best manufacturers on board, this could probably be the best Nexus to beat and it’s no wonder Samsung is worried about its position in the market.

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