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Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date, Design, Specs and New Features


Samsung Galaxy S6 is still very fresh in the smartphone market, but there are already rumors of the new Samsung Galaxy S7, the successor to the current flagship.

At the moment, the Galaxy S6 is considered to be one of the best smartphones released this year. However, this device was meant to rival Apple’s iPhone 6, which has become Samsung’s trend to compete with each of Cupertino’s releases. Now that there are rumors of a new iPhone 7 probably coming later this year, the stories surrounding the new Galaxy S7 have also started surfacing.

This might look a bit too soon for a new Galaxy S series model to come in; however, there is already a lot of rumor buzzing around with potential specifications and looks of the new Samsung flagship. While nothing has come from the company’s end with regard to this information, this has always been the trend with their previous releases.

Samsung Galaxy S7 release date

Samsung has never delayed with launching its flagship smartphones. This has been going on for quite some time and it seems the company will stick to its launch schedule. This company has also had the trend of launching its flagships during the Mobile World Congress, with the next event expected to be held in 2016.

Galaxy S7 design

Samsung has been working around on its various designs, starting with the Galaxy S5 and then the made some cost effective changes with the Galaxy Alpha. However, it is the release of Samsung Galaxy S6 that nailed it when it comes to design.

Samsung combines metal and glass in its design, materials that have been well appreciated by both the experts and the users of this device. However, the new sleek design meant that some old favorites had to be removed from the phone, among them a removable battery unit. In addition, the new Galaxy S6 comes without a memory card and this phone is not waterproof, features that have been dominating the past flagships. It will not be possible for the company to launch the Galaxy S7 with these features back, but at least one of them can be retained in the new flagship.


There are ongoing rumors that Samsung is working on a new high resolution 4K display screen for their new Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Just like there is no certainty in the release of this ultra-high resolution display in the Note 5, the same can also be said of the Galaxy S7. However, one thing that may be certain is that this screen will have enormous power draw, something that might have a role to play in terms of the battery unit to be used on this device.

Processing power and memory

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected to run on the same processor as the rumored Exynos 7422 that will be installed on the Galaxy Note 5. However, there are still possibilities of heading back to Qualcomm for the next chipset, but the same cannot be confirmed. If this happens, then we might end up seeing a new octa-core Qualcomm 820 that is clocked at 3GHz. While there is also news of a RAM of 4GB for the Note 5, we might end up seeing the current 3GB retained in the next few flagships.

Support for USB Type C

Google recently made an announcement that Android M will be able to support a USB Type C feature, something that has long been enjoyed by the users of Apple devices. Since the coming Samsung Galaxy S7 will definitely run on the Android M OS, we expect that this flagship will also come in with this spec.