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Viber is Easy to download for iPad


All over the world, there are so many people who are benefiting from the use of Viber.

People prefer to download and install this app on their different mobile devices. If you are wondering how you can use Viber on your iOS devices, there is no need to be alarmed. Recent versions of Viber have made it very easy for the iOS device users to download the IM app and benefit from them.

Over the years, there have been so many versions of Viber that have graduated to the current version available today. The newest versions of Viber make it very easy for you to sing into the instant messaging app even from your iPad. Also, its latest version sends up to 4 numbers to your iPhone for complete verification. This means, these numbers will need to be entered into the app for it to start working on your iPad.

Using a tablet can be so much fun. This is why you need such IM apps installed to add to the fun and excitement. There is more that comes with using this IM app’s newest version. Downloading and installing Viber for your iPad should never be a problem. However, some people find it difficult to make this happen so they decide to forget about downloading it. The benefits of having this app outweigh the stress you might be experiencing now with its download.

Video Chat with Viber on your iPad

With Viber for your iPad, you can video chat on your iPad and have a smooth flow. For iPad, this update is definitely amazing because it was not possible to video chat with Viber on iPads with older versions. Just download Viber for your iPad and start video chats with your loved ones as you enjoy full screen chats as well.

Yes, you can make full screen video calls and chat with your loved ones seeing their whole face and feeling like they are closer to you. Also with video chats feature, you get to see all old and new messages without having to scroll up and up. This makes usage more exciting and so much fun.

Using Viber on your iPad

It is truly amazing that this update provides support for iPad gizmos. The truth about this app is that, there is no way Viber can be used or operate on your iPad and iPhone all at the same time. This is because of the restrictions the IM app comes with. So, before you can use Viber on a bigger one, you need to deactivate Viber on your iOS gizmos.

To make this happen, you will need to follow this simple instruction. Go to the More Options Menu (this needs to be done on your existing gizmo). After that, choose Settings. Go to Privacy and then, click to Deactivate Account.

Concluding Thoughts

If the process is done perfectly and doesn’t bother you much, then you are safe and can use Viber on our iPad without problems. If you have always wanted to be able to use Viber for your iPhone, iPad and iTouch; this is the time to join the train.