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WhatsApp for Windows Phone Free Download – Blocking Users Available


The new feature that has been implemented on Windows Phone by WhatsApp should suffice for now in order for the other minuses to not be felt so strong by the users. Yes, unfortunately, those of you who have devices running on Windows Phone will still have to wait a little while longer in order to receive all of the other features.

Even if the releases for the Windows Phone are still a work in progress, the good part is that those of you who choose the latter platform will also get the whole package soon enough just like the rest of the platforms did (that being a while back).

Once the Voice call element was released to iOS, Blackberry and Android, WhatsApp finally made its move and implemented the voice call element to Windows Phone. So, those of you who have been curious to use the WhatsApp app on your Windows Phone can now do, plus you can also initiate voice calls. It’s important to have all of WhatsApp features because users need to stay connected with their friends and of course be able to call or send messages at any given time and n matter where they are.

But, there is another surprise on the way. Windows Phone users should also be able to use the block user option in the upcoming future, or at least this is what WMPU claims. Even if no one knows for sure when this feature will make its way to Windows Phone, the beta testers will probably get to check it our first. So if you are one of those lucky people, good for you!

The option of blocking users in WhatsApp can already be used in the iOS and Android versions, thus Windows Phone users are the only ones left outside the box. But when the latter option will finally arrive, it will definitely please a lot of Windows Phone devotees, because it is also a useful option, especially if you have a bunch of unwanted contacts that you wish to oust.