It seems that there are a lot of people who are using WhatsApp nowadays to sell stuff. We’re pretty sure that there are a lot of people that are surfing the internet, looking to buy clothes from the internet, but we’re pretty sure that not many knew that they can sell stuff on WhatsApp.

It seems that after this business, people establish contacts with dealers from different places, they create a WhatsApp group and upload catalogues of suits on this messaging application. After they receive orders from the group members, they use the WhatsApp Voice Calling feature to call the person who wants to buy the clothes and ask him/her about the location where the clothes will be delivered.

One of the persons who are selling clothes on WhatsApp is Rozi Rizvi, which already has a WhatsApp group with over 70 members in it. Rozi said that she has transformed WhatsApp into a showroom, because it is one of the most common application used by a lot of her relatives and friends. Rozi is offering designer dresses from Pakiston to her customers.

Another person who is selling clothes on WhatsApp is called Nahid Khan. According to Nahid, she posts catalogue pictures on her WhatsApp group and once someone wants to buy one, she orders them from Pakistan. It is surely pretty simple for someone who wants to buy something, as WhatsApp doesn’t have any advertisements popping up when they are looking at the catalogues.

According to one of the persons who buy clothes from some WhatsApp users, there are some specific designs that are not found in the local stores or online stores and this is the main reason why she is buying the clothes that she sees in specific WhatsApp groups.

At the same time, to make this shopping experience even better, there are also some sellers from India that are selling clothes on WhatsApp and provide free shipping to group members across India.

Have you ever bought clothes from a WhatsApp user? Do you think that it is safe to buy clothes from someone that owns a specific WhatsApp Group that has only clothes catalogs in it?

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