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Which Windows Antivirus Product is Worth Paying For?


Most of the users of Windows are of the opinion that they do not need any sort of paid licenses of Antivirus.

And the Mac users think they do not require Antivirus at all. Though Windows is a high profile operating system, it can be vulnerable to a number of malwares. On the other hand, Android and iOS can just be as defenseless as Windows.

Windows Antivirus Products are worth paying for, as most of the products have better features than the free products. Android and Mac take an altogether different route. Mac AV is not expensive and Android AV comes with free versions.

The Types

Most of the Windows Antivirus products are distributed in three packages. Some include child protection and a part of those products add cloud backup as an added feature. As every company uses only one malware detection engine, malwares can corrupt the cheapest product easily than the priciest product. Most of the individuals may not need the highest setting or the premium package. If you do not have children using the computer and have strong cloud storage, the basic product sounds enough.

The Basic Windows Antivirus Product

The least expensive antivirus product that can be used for Windows operating system is the basic package. It costs $40-$60 a year. It has all the basic attributes and essentials that can help you define updates and automate your computer scanning process.

In addition to that, many of such basic products do not include system optimizers or secure browsers, which are found only in the costlier packages.

The Intermediate Windows Antivirus Product

The range of intermediate antivirus products starts from $60 and ends with $80. The package comes with a one year license. They are built with a reference to the basic package and adds a little of parental controls. It even comprises a two way firewall that can keep a tab on the outgoing data with a spam filter.

The Advanced Windows Antivirus Product

The advanced products are also known as suites. They not only help in searching and thrashing the malware, but even support in storing the data online with a complete secure check. It can encrypt files, manage passwords or use an ad blocker to block all the unnecessary ads on your search engine.

Free Windows Antivirus Product

These are used only to reflect an icon on your computer of antivirus. These products, though help in catching malwares, they do not remove all the threats.

Search and use an Antivirus product that can help in securing your data from being attacked by threats.