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5 Important Viber Features You Need to Know


Apart from the features it was initially launched with, Viber application has been growing over the years with continuous addition of features.

For instance, you can now employ stickers and emoticons in your chat as a way of saving time. Today, more than 200 million individuals are using Viber services in communication. To access some of the hidden features, there are certain aspects you need to understand about this app in order to become an effective exploiter.

Deleting messages from the chat room

When the chat box is full, you will need to erase some of the old texts. You can also select the messages you would like to delete, depending on their usefulness. It is easy to do this: Open the chat window, from it, tap and hold the texts you want to delete. Then select “Delete” from the ensuing popup menu. This can be important, especially where only crucial texts are needed.

Turning off Light Screen for texts

Most of the time, until you manually turn it off, the screen will automatically turn on every time a new message is received. Frequent lighting can cause the battery to discharge faster than expected. To turn the notification light off, click on the Navicon button and then select settings. From the resulting popup notification menu, tap on the “Light” screen for messages to un-tick it. This step will see the lights disabled.

Getting at Conversations Gallery

Chatting through texts can be so mind-numbing due to the monotony. Therefore, there is a need for you to pass your messages via something different without necessarily altering the intended meaning. It is easy to share videos and photos with your allies as it only involves a few simple steps. First, open the chat room; go to the photo or video gallery. Swipe the screen to shuffle the photos left and right. When you get an appropriate photo, click on it and send. Repeat the above steps for the corresponding photos.

Blot out Online and Seen Status

Every time you send a text in your chat room, you normally confirm from the “seen” status to know whether the other party has read it. Nevertheless, some people like privacy such that they don’t want the senders to know whether they have read the text or not. If you fall in this category, you can select settings from the Navicon on the primary page. Select the privacy choice and remove the tick on the “Share online texts.” After this, those who will send you messages cannot tell the message status. It is of great importance to note that you will be required to readjust these settings every 24 hours.

Block and unblock mobile contacts

Some people can be annoying sometimes and we are only left with a single choice of blocking them. Viber gives you this option. To block a mobile contact number on Viber, go to the main page of the app, select settings, which is usually on the bottom Navicon and tap on the top right side. From the resulting popup menu, select “block”.