Skype is one of the most recent inventions which have made life easier, particularly in the communication field.

The app was invented in 2003. Skype is now popular for making video calls, voice calls and also sending text messages. This is why you should know how to effectively use this application with your mobile phone or laptop. This article will help you make maximum use of it.

Equalize the Audio and Video quality

When you are using Skype, the most important thing you would want to achieve is setting up the voice and video at par. The reason why you should do this is that the other party will be able to hear and watch you speak very clearly. To achieve this, you need an appropriate output device such as a headphone or a speaker. The choice of tweaking will depend on your own tastes and the distance from the gadget. Also ensure that you check the customized settings as they project the sound efficaciously.

Set up keyword notifications

Not every person likes receiving long texts on Skype. Therefore, you can choose to adjust this to your taste by allowing only the principal words mentioned by the other party in a personal IM window. To achieve this, first open the IM window of the corresponding contact. Select “Conversation” and then go to “Notification Settings”. You should then click the “Notify me only when these words are mentioned” and then list all your primary words. Nevertheless, the major downside of this is that you can miss out a significantly important message which does not include the keywords.

Enable hotkeys

If you want to save on typing time, you can set up keyboard shortcuts. On the Skype interface, press the “Tools” button and select “Options”. From the resulting options, select “Advanced” which should then be preceded by “Hotkeys”. From the checkbox that pops up, press “Enable Keyboard Shortcut” button.

Have an original Caller ID

Making Skype calls to mobile phones will not show your contact. This may cause suspicion among the people you are calling. To include your caller ID, go to “Skype” and select the “Account” button. Here, a pop up menu will appear with a wide range of selections about making calls. Click on “Caller ID” button and from the resulting window, select “Phone number”.

Employ the use of smileys and Emoticons

Skype has a number of Emoticons and smileys that can be used to convey different emotions. There are other hidden smileys and Emoticons that do not come along with the Skype application. However, one must be aware of their short codes in order to utilize them.

Habitual clearing of Chat History.

Retaining a very long record of chat history can be upsetting at times. There are two options on this. You can either choose to clear all the messages from the Skype inbox or alternatively set a certain period after which they will be cleared. From the primary window, go to the “Tools”, then “Options” and lastly ”IM and “SMS”. From IM settings, click on the “Show Advanced Options” and select “Clear History”.

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