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Adobe Flash Player 18 Latest Update Download Available – Top Improvements and Fixes


On July 15, Adobe released its latest version for Adobe Flash Player, which brought many bug fixes and performance enhancements, stability, security and device compatibility. Also, the Flash Player 18 beta, which is codenamed Presidio, provides access to runtime for Mac OS and Windows desktop environments.

The reason why you need to install Adobe Flash Player is because you will be able to read online content created on the Adobe Flash platform, to view multimedia files embedded into web pages, to play games, to execute rich Internet applications or to stream audio/video.

Flash Player is a free software and it has plug-in versions for all major web browsers, it runs swf files created with Adobe Flash Builder or by third party tools, and supports vector and raster graphics, 2D and 3D games, a scripting language called ActionScript which is based on ECMAScript, and it teams up with AIR, which provides a cross-platform runtime environment for applications supported by desktops and mobile device.

The first version of Adobe Flash Player was launched 19 years ago, but the developers worked continuously on improving it, and today, the 18th beta version is available for download from the official website of Adobe. This new version improved the features that were added to the previous version and added new ones, but you should know that the available installers are not compatible with your Windows 8/8.1 device, which means that you will manually update your custom build of Flash Player via Windows Update. However, if you’ve installed browsers such as Chrome or Firefox, there are appropriate Flash Player installers for your system.

New features and enhancements

Adobe Flash Player 18 has an improved install process, with fewer cases where running browsers need to be closed in order for the software to be installed properly; it supports VideoTexture for Android and the developers implement their videos more easily and faster; the additions are: Audio APIs for Flash Player NPAPI and Browser Zoom Factor for PPAPI Plugin and non-Win 8x ActiveX.


3970536: the developers connected an injection in which caused improperly encoded Nellymoser streams to play back at a fast rate;
3809685: this fix is related to Mac 10.6.8, which had a glitch that affected keystrokes – they were not received when the input language was CHT;
3955834: there was corrected an injection in (Mac, Safari) which was causing a hang on some content;
3835579: in Windows 8.1, Firefox Nightly, when the user was right-clicking on JWPlayer videos, they were causing Flash Player to hang and this issue has been solved;
3924242: there were some problems in PPAPI Linux with Stage3D/StageVideo content with several Stage3D/StageVideo instances, which have been solved.