Unless you live under a rock,you must have heard about the innovative Apple Music software that enables iPhone and iTunes users to enjoy both free and paid for music right on their palms.

Apple Music has joined Spotify in the lucrative business of mining user preferences. Apple Music can know which kind of music you listen to. It cajoles you to give away your favorite music by dangling popular categories like rock, pop, electronic, dance, jazz, and hits, metal, experimental and blues.

You can make changes to the genre that you love by going to the For You icon and tapping the top header and choosing the artist or band that you prefer. All genres are located in pink bubbles shaped like huge circles inscribing the genre. Double tapping the artist implies that you adore the artist and this will be featured in subsequent suggestions in future. However, should there be an artist that you abhor feel at liberty to tap and hold the button until you remove his or her name from the list in order to notify Apple Music that you do not want such a person in the next suggestions.

Apple Connect

You can also notify Apple that you like a song that is playing in the background even if the phone is locked. This is done by just tapping the outline on the screen so that the pressed icon turns deep red. You will have notified Apple Music that you like the song, and it will include the song in subsequent recommendations.

The power of Siri

Siri enables you to search the Apple Music library too. You can also shuffle songs by holding down the home button to reveal the Shuffle Songs icon that you should press to send the command.

If you are tired of the Apple Connect for any reason, you can as well do away with it completely by going to the Settings>General>Restrictions. Switch the icons off if they are on. Scroll down the app to show the restriction status that you turn it on likewise.

Additionally you may be bored by the suggestions you receive from Apple Music simply because you already have the collection you want, or just you know what suits you. You may hide the suggestions by going to the Settings>Music and switching off the Show Apple Music option. This leaves the ‘For You’ tab gone but as a reminder the My Music, Playlists, Radio and Connect will still be available.

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