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iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Downgrade From iOS 8.4 to iOS 8.3


It seems that a lot of people have a many issues with their iPhones, iPads or iPod Touch devices after upgrading them to iOS 8.4. This is the reason why a good part of these people want to downgrade their devices back to iOS 8.3.

In case you didn’t save your SHSH blobs for iOS 8.3, you will still be able to downgrade by downloading the iOS 8.3 IPSW (firmware) from Apple’s website. Keep in mind that before you downgrade your iDevice back to iOS 8.3, you will need to backup your important data and settings from it.

How to downgrade your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from iOS 8.4 to iOS 8.3

First of all, you will need to download, to your computer, the iOS 8.3 firmware for your device from Apple’s website. Keep in mind that you will need the exact version of firmware for YOUR device. For example, a firmware for iPhone 5 will *NOT* work for an iPhone 6 device. Please keep this in mind, so that you don’t mess things up.

After downloading the iOS 8.3 firmware for your iDevice, you will need to launch the iTunes application on your computer and boot your iDevice into Device Firmware Update (DFU) mode.

To do this, you will need to press and hold the Home Button + the Wake/Sleep button at the same time. After exactly 10 seconds, you will have to release the Wake/Sleep button, but don’t release the Home button yet. Once you will see that iTunes detects your iDevice via recovery mode you release the Home button.

The device’s screen will be black and this is when you will need to press and hold the shift button (in Windows) and click the “Restore iPhone/iPad button”. After clicking that button, you will need to select the firmware file that you’ve downloaded from the internet and click on the “Open” button, followed by “Restore” button.

iTunes will do the rest of the job for you and it will restore/downgrade your device to iOS 8.3. This process will take about 10-15minutes and once the restoration is complete, your iDevice will run on iOS 8.3 once again. Enjoy!