Android smartphone users have a reason to smile following Google Play Store’s decision to spice up their software life by introducing new changes to both the software store and the visual effects contained in the virtual servers.

On the face of it, the changes are confused with bugs that developers are keenly tracking the response from users to improve the experience of the Android platform users. As a result, different versions have reported similar bug hiccups attributed to the new Google Store update but the good news is that there are still significant changes that customers can enjoy.

What’s New?

First, the “What’s New” section has been revamped. It may not seem a big move given that most users of Google Play Store skip this page to read other exciting stuff like Editor’s Pick, Grossing software and new software. Developers have been accused of providing scanty information on this page leading to Android users to contend with bugs they’d solve if the right information were provided as they (developers) sort out technical matters themselves in the laboratories.

Visuals have gotten more attractive given that the new Google Play Store has done away with the black text written on the light green background to dark green superimposed against the light green background. Anyway, the use of varying shades of the same color to write instructions has not gone down well for those with visual impairments as they do not recognize the contrast between the two nearly similar colors yet of different strains.

Feature Graphics

Under the Feature Graphics section, users have observed a resilient bug that appears to be making a cloud movement that goes in circles and hence confuses the users what the bug may do next. Others fear the app may crash or hang the phone.

According to the technology blog The YouMobile, the cloud bug affects Google Play Store versions 5.7.10 and 5.6.8. But the site has ambiguities given it apparently seems to blame the latter for the bug. Other conflicting pieces of information are the images The YouMobile published which attribute the bug to version 5.7.10.

To be safe just update the Google Play Store to the newest version since it is expected to have the least bugs. We think version 5.6.8 is a better deal than version 5.7.10 given that we tried it and found that it gives smoother operational experience than the earlier version. Any readers who note the changes we have highlighted should feel free to comment below about their experience with a different version.

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