Even though, it has been rumored for multiple times in the past few months, it is now nearly confirmed that Microsoft Surface 4 tablet will be available for purchase before the end of the year.

Rumors have been floating, which confirmed that the company wants to come up with a cheaper and a productive tablet that users would love. They didn’t make much progress with the previously launched Surface Pro devices even though they are good choices for computing on the go. The touch screen and easy to carry size are the primary highlights of these products. But, pricing has always been a deterrent which is when the manufacturer came up with the Surface 3. It was slimmer, had better hardware and priced really low that made it an instant hit. A success rate similar to this one is expected to be reiterated with the Microsoft Surface 4

Possible Hardware Specs

When it hits the shelves in the month of October or November, Surface 4 will definitely run the latest version of Intel’s own Skylake processor. It is one of the best that you could find in the market and a huge upgrade from the existing has well as well as broadwell processors. The users who like to build their own computer today will have to compromise with these existing chips, but Microsoft is not going to make any such compromise. They have already made up their mind to go for the best in the market.

Apart from a powerful processor, the tablet will also be powered by slim SSD to be made by Samsung. A bulk order has been placed by Microsoft on the company to deliver them all before the month of September. From this information, one can easily deduce that they are gathering the components as early as possible so as to get the product ready in the month of October. Even if it gets delayed, it should be out before the end of November, 2015.

Windows 10 OS

The Microsoft Surface 4 tablet without a doubt will run on the new and the improved Windows 10 operating system. Even though, most people don’t have a positive impression about this new OS, it is easily the best that you could find because it integrates both touch friendly Metro with that of a desktop version. Microsoft has a habit of making mistakes but they have always learnt from them. The upcoming Windows 10 will probably prove those naysayers wrong.

Technology Microsoft Surface 4 Nearly Confirmed with Skylake Processor and SSD