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Skype 7.6 Update Download Available – Offline Installer With Full Improvements


There are a lot of people who use Skype everyday. This application is used by individuals and companies: the first category needs Skype to talk with the friends and family members, while the second category needs this application to make video conferences to keep in touch with the other branches of the companies.

In the past, the video calling conference was not working and you were allowed to have a video conference with only one person. However, from now on, you can also make video calls via Skype to multiple persons at the same time. It’s great to call common friends and make plans for what you’re going to do in the upcoming weekend.

Nowadays, Skype is being used by a lot of gamers, mostly because the application offers HD quality to voice calls. At the same time, Skype works like a charm and doesn’t have any lags and in case you didn’t try it yet we suggest you to do it right away.

In case you are using the old Yahoo Messenger, then we can clearly say that Skype is way better than it.

Today we’re going to teach you how to install Skype on your computer and start chatting with your friends and family. We remind you that using Skype, you will be able to search for your Facebook friends, by connecting the application with your Facebook account. Once Skype is connected to your Facebook account, it will search for your friends that are using Facebook and automatically add them to your Skype friend list.

HINT: Skype is also available for mobile devices that run on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and more.

We remind you that you can download the Skype 7.6 offline installer from the official Skype website ( We suggest you to NOT download the offline installation file from anywhere else, or you might end up with some malware or virus on your computer.

Are you using Skype? How often do you use this application and for what purpose?