Electronic Arts, in association with developer Maxis, has officially launched the SPA day pack for the Sims 4. They have also launched an official trailer on YouTube that gives a brief overview of this game pack.

As with all game packs, this is not going to be as big as an expansion pack. Instead, for the $19.99 that you pay, you will receive a bunch of new locations to visit, costumes to change into, objects and actions that the sims could do. It is an interesting new pack where the virtual characters finally have an amazing spot to relax all day long and rejuvenate themselves. They can get treated in the massage room where the professionals work on them, learn yoga, bath in steam rooms and so on. Every activity is authentic and you are often joined by other people in the same neighborhood.

Build your Own SPA

The developing company Maxis confirmed that they will be rolling out three different spas at first. The game pack will be a start for players to understand some of the things that they could do in the location. After that, everything is in your own hands. You can either choose to invest the time and build your own SPAs where your sims could rest or simply download the best one created by other players. Every building is new and you can even customize the wide range of services offered in the locations.

Wide Range of Activities

A brand new launch trailer for the Sims 4 SPA day pack has been released which showcases some of the activities that your sims can indulge in. The trailer talks of tranquility in a soothing voice that will convince you to build or visit a spa right away. You can see various Sims resting in the locale, getting their nails groomed, enjoying a relaxing back massage or just sitting in the steam room along with other characters.

The sole aim of this SPA day game pack is allow your sims to find peace in an all new location. Some of the venues are also designed to teach yoga and meditation. If you spend enough time in focusing on your inner powers, you will soon be floating in the air. Make sure your sim don’t open his or her eyes because they are bound to fall when they lose concentration. There are new clothes to wear, objects and activities making this a worthy bundle to own.

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