Apple will release a new software update for the Apple Watch.

The new watchOS two will bring a series of new features for the Apple Watch, making it more functional, practical, and independent. Here are seven features that will get you excited.

Native Applications

The biggest knock on the Apple Watch is that the device doesn’t have native applications. The Apple Watch relies on the iPhone and third-party applications to function. This makes the device slow and buggy. But with the new software update, some applications, not all, will run natively on your watch.

Time Travel

One of the new features in the WatchOS 2 is the Time Travel. This feature allows you to see what happened yesterday, what is happening today and whether you have some scheduled events for tomorrow. All you need to do is turn the digital crown that is located on the side of the watch. One example how to utilize the feature is to check whether the weather will be fine tomorrow and whether you can go to lunch, or on hiking. Checking news and headlines you have missed from the previous day is also possible.

Respond to Emails

At the moment, you can check all your emails on the Apple Watch, but you cannot respond to them. To reply to an email, you must take your iPhone out of your pocket. With the new update, you will be able to respond from your wrist. You will need to dictate a response, and you can also include emojis in the message.

Nightstand Mode

During the night, when users typically charge their device, Apple has added a feature that will come in handy. Nightstand shows time, date and alarm on your watch. For nightstand to function, you must turn the Apple Watch on its side. You can use the digital crown to turn off the alarm or snooze.

Activation Lock

Activation Lock is a feature that gained popularity with the iPhone. It makes your device useless to whoever steals it or finds it. Now, the feature makes its debut to the Apple Watch, making you the only one who can use the Watch.

Friends Screens

At the moment, you are limited to 12 friends on the screen of the Apple Watch. Acknowledging the fact that people have way more friends, Apple has added a new feature to the Watch. You will be able to create multiple friends screens, and add 12 friends on each screen. You can combine the screens for friends from work, college, school, and whatever else you want. And the best part is that you can add friends via the Apple Watch directly.

Customize Complications

Apple will add several new watch faces to the Apple Watch. And with the new faces, Apple will also add new complications customization option. Complications are the extra information found on the watch face. With WatchOS 2, you can customize what information you want to see on the watch face. For example, you can choose to see flight times, data from applications or anything else.

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