Apple Music is unique given it is among the few products that have captured the public’s conscience, courtesy of its amazing marketing tools, which serve millions of users of iTunes services.

But as things stand, Apple Music is exclusive to the iOS devices which get the Music preinstalled or from the Apple AppStore. There is however, a window of chance for even the non-Apple users to experience Apple Music though they do not own an iPhone. They can access Apple Music via an upcoming Android App and iTunes app for Windows and of course Mac, a sister product to iTunes.

Apple Music has not been spared of criticism. Unlike Spotify, which sports a free execution option powered by advertisers, you pay for Apple Music. The iOS users can still listen to the Beats 1 and selected radio stations. An affordable family package that cost only $14.99 for six family members can be subscribed, to be shared via the internet by use of iCloud. Note that the offer is limited.

Customized usernames

Big music names have been left out in the current Apple Music. Fans of the timeless group The Beatles have been left out by this exciting offer. The app has installed a dedicated radio for The Beatles. Works by legendary singers, including John, Paul, George and Ringo can be listened to here.

Since fans need to be plugged in to a social network for easy interaction no one understands that better than Apple Music. To their credit they have come up with Apple Connect. You can review the application together with other listeners using the social media feed.

What’s more, you can tailor the app to your interests. Instead of being known by some anonymous nicknames like “egriffith646985” you can change that name to your real name or any other that you prefer to be called.

You can also switch off the auto renewal of the Apple Music app after the three months trial era has elapsed if you do not need to renew or if you simply didn’t like it. Follow the steps below to ensure the notification massage does not pop up in your credit card when you log in. Go to the Music app and press the head icon located at the top left corner of the display and navigate to the Apple ID which will directly link you further to Log In. Under the Manage icon turn off the subscription key that is labeled auto renewal.

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