The exclusives have always been the ones that will push a console to its best levels. Uncharted 4 developed by Naughty Dog is going to be the game that brings the PS4 hardware to its maximum extent, confirmed the developer.

If there is one game development company that is respected by players on every other platform, it is none other than Naughty Dog. Companies like Electronic Arts and Ubisoft have moved from being developers to publishers. They are no longer at their best because games released by these companies often are ridden by bugs that take more than a year to fix. But, Naughty Dog has continued to focus on perfection ever since their first game and is one company that hasn’t lost its mettle in decades. Sony believes them, and so does the gamers!

A Benchmark Title

While Sony’s Playstation 4 console is exceptionally powerful in terms of hardware there had hardly been a title that justifies its power. The exclusives are there, but Uncharted 4 – A Thief’s End is going to be a benchmarking title, reported Naughty Dog. The developers recently had a conversation on the official PlayStation YouTube channel in which they revealed a lot of interesting information.

One of them is that the team has, for the first time managed to bring in real time cut scenes into the game. In other words, players will no longer see the black bars that begin as soon as a cutscene commences. Instead, it will be revealed in one fluid motion from the game into the video. Nathan Drake will look more or less be the same, with similar facial features, expressions and other movements. It is a phenomenal achievement the team has made, and they add that it was made possible because of the PS4 hardware specifications.

Physics like Never Before

The E3 2015 trailer for Uncharted 4 – A Thief’s End was proof positive that some of the best physics in a PS4 game has been implemented on it for the first time. Everything in the world moved right from the tent cloth to the boxes, animals and other things on the street. Whenever a bullet whizzes by, it will have a strong effect on the environment, and Drake flinched when there was a huge blast. Astonishingly good physics was witnessed during the jeep chase as well, and it is to be seen live when the game launches in 2016.

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