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WhatsApp 2.12.183 APK Download Available – Performance Enhancements and Bug Fixes.


If you want to try the latest beta version of WhatsApp, head to the official website of this application, from where you’ll download the 2.12.183 APK. This beta version has a file size of 21.4MB and no apparent changes (no changelog was published), which means that it has only performance enhancements and bug fixes.

On WhatsApp’s official website was uploaded the 2.12.183 beta version, but we couldn’t find any change log for it. However, the previous version had a file size of 20.93MB and contained 156 modified files, but none of them was related to Google Drive, a feature that would allow the users to backup their chats and store them in the cloud.

However, we came across a list of Android permissions: access coarse location, access fine location, access network state, access wifi state, authenticate accounts, Bluetooth, broadcast sticky, camera, change wifi state, get accounts, install shortcut, internet, manage accounts, modify audio settings, read contacts, read phone state, read profile, read sync settings, read sync stats, receive boot completed, receive sms, storage, use credentials, vibrate, wake lock, write contacts, write external storage, write settings, write sync settings etc.

The racial emojis, which were removed from the Android version a week ago, have returned in a previous version, which means that the users can now use racial emoticons and strong characters when they’re writing messages.

WhatsApp has become a powerful communication tool, even if it lacks many features, such as video calling. There are other applications richer in features, but it seems that over 800 million people prefer to use WhatsApp to talk to their friends for free. The voice calling feature has been improved gradually, and there are no echoes or lags or random interruptions during the conversations, but we don’t know if the data consumption has been reduced or not.

Anyway, you should check WhatsApp’s website more often, because new beta versions are released every few days. They may come with bugs, but they are fixed by the developers on the upcoming versions. If you want a bug-free version, you should install the latest stable version from the Google Play store.