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WhatsApp 2.12.90 Download for Nokia Symbian – Top Improvements and Features


The developers of WhatsApp rarely release updates for the Symbian version, and when they do, they don’t bring important changes. Unfortunately, the voice calling feature that the Symbian users are expecting hasn’t made its appearance yet, which means that the 2.12.90 version contains only bug fixes and performance improvements.

The good news is that the new version will help WhatsApp run smoother on your phone, but it doesn’t come with new features, which is very disappointing, especially because the voice calling and the racial emojis haven’t been added and it’s not known when they will be implemented. We understand that it’s difficult to integrate the voice calling feature, but there shouldn’t be a problem with the racial emojis.

Anyway, if you still have a Symbian device and want to get the latest SIS file of WhatsApp, head to the official website and download it from there. But, first, you will need to backup your chats by going to >Settings->Chat History->Backup chat history, then uninstall the current version and install the new one. Next, you will enter your mobile number to get verified and you’ll restore your chat history, to not lose all your conversions.

Remember that this is a beta version, which may have come with some bugs, so if you find them, feel free to contact the developers, to fix them. This application is continuously being improved, but the privileged platforms are Android and iOS, especially the first one, which is updated every few days.

WhatsApp is the application with the largest number of users, having over 800 million loyal fans who talk to their friends every day. On WhatsApp, the users can send texts messages, images, voice and audio recordings and even share their location. In the first year of use, the application is free, but after the trial ends, an annual fee of 0.99 dollars is applied.