Google Now, Cortana and Siri will soon be going head to head with another competitor that comes from an unlikely source, Facebook.

In the recent past, Facebook has been working a lot on their Messenger app by adding more features and making the app more accessible to global users. The competition for social space has really stiffened up recently and it seems this social media giant is working hard on ensuring that their app stays on top of the charts. We have already seen some huge developments where there is now room for embedding other apps and services in this platform.

This update meant that the developers can create their own apps and embed them on this platform. This has led to the introduction of games, GIFs and other apps onto this platform, something that is aimed at attracting more users to the platform.

The latest news on the street reveals that Facebook Messenger will soon be receiving an update that will make it work more like Siri, Google Now or Cortana. At the moment, this feature has been codenamed Moneypenny, which is a familiar name from the James Bond series.

Are Cortana, Google Now and Siri in trouble?

Moneypenny is expected to come in by the end of this year, unless things turn out otherwise. However, one huge question that many will be asking is how this feature will work and how similar or different it is from its competitors, Siri, Cortana and Google Now.

According to emerging reports, the new Moneypenny virtual assistant for Facebook Messenger will not be similar to the current voice assistants offered by Apple, Microsoft and Google. While these three are entirely focusing on productivity, it seems Facebook has other ideas with this new release. Users of this feature will take advantage of it in posing questions to real people so that they can get their desired help when carrying out research, making purchases of goods and services as well as doing lots of other things that are currently unknown.

Final thoughts

If this news remains true, it will represent one of the largest twists when it comes to the digital virtual assistants. It is hard to imagine how Facebook Messenger will implement this feature or service to its more than 700 million users from all over the world. However, we won’t be surprised to see the company hiring its own community to take care of these requests by users as well as employ a fleet of tracks to take care of the deliveries of goods. But this is just speculation and we might as well end up with something different.

What do you think about the upcoming Moneypenny digital virtual assistant for Facebook Messenger?

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