Google Play Store is a place where you download all the applications needed to enhance your electronic device or ease your lifestyle.

However, you may be unaware of some of the awe-inspiring features Google provides. Have a look at a few of the best attributes Google Play Store offers along with the basics.

‘Beta’ is one of the versions of every application where you can find developers testing it for a perfect refinement touch. You may not be able to find these beta versions listed in the Play Store; however, sites such as Android Police can help you deal with this excitement.

How to Enjoy Beta Version of any Application

If you are interested in understanding the facts and attributes of any application before its launch, you can simply join any of the Google Plus Communities or Google Groups as the beta versions are unavailable in Play Store. You will have to sign up for any of the beta apps that attract your attention. You can download it before its release as signing up helps you to test and comment on the app’s performance.

Not Restricted to Applications

The Google Play is not restricted only to downloading applications. You can buy books, music and movies as well. Google has offered the users with a wish-list if any of them is uninterested in buying any digital copies of the book. You can save the books you like with the help of the wish-list icon. It looks similar to the bookmark option that you use regularly. In addition to that, you can just use the slide left app tray and select the ‘wish-list’ option.

Download Apps with Reviews

You have a ‘People’ option in the slide left application tray. This option helps you in downloading apps based on the recommendations and reviews of the people who have used the application. In case you are just browsing the app store for passing the time, this is one of the easiest ways to come across new apps.

Parental Control for Explicit Content

If you are sharing your electronic device with your kids, you may want to restrict kids from using explicit content. However, instead of asking them, you can simply turn on the explicit content option that will filter all the books, apps, games. These filters include rating schemes that are not fruitful or entertain the kids in a proper way.

If you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can easily set Google Play Store to update automatically all your downloaded applications. In case you do not wish to automatize and feel a need to have a perfect control over it, you can simply turn off the feature. In addition to that, you can turn on or off the sound of the notifications.

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