WhatsApp is a universal instant messaging app that you won’t miss on any iPhone, Android phone, Windows Phone, Nokia phone or even a BlackBerry phone.

There are more than 800 million people already subscribed to the services of WhatsApp. With this huge number of users, it becomes very easy for each person to have quite a good number of friends who are using this platform for instant messaging and voice calling services.

If you have a huge list of contacts on your phone, it is not always possible to be in constant communication with all of them. It even comes to a point when there are some annoying users that end up in your blacklist. This ensures that they are not able to call or even message you via your phone number. Since WhatsApp took over from phone carriers in the area of messaging and calling, this feature was also brought to this platform so as to offer the users some privacy.

When WhatsApp designed the blocking feature, it promised the users that it won’t be possible for their blocked counterparts to tell if they have been blocked. It is only the initiator of the act that will know what is going on and not the victim. However, there is still a way you can go around and find out who has blocked you on WhatsApp, just in case you are the victim.

How to tell if you have been blocked on WhatsApp

In fact, there is more than one way of knowing if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp. The first and easiest way of doing this is looking at the last seen status field. If your last seen status is enabled and this field on your friend’s contact is blank, instead of displaying their last seen status, it is possible that your friend has blocked you. However, it is also possible that your friend has simply disabled the last seen status.

It is not very common for the WhatsApp users to maintain a single profile photo all through their usage of the app. Ideally, the photo will change from time to time based on the updates made by the user. Just in case you notice that your friend’s profile photo has remained the same for a long period of time, then it is possible that this person has blocked you. Furthermore, you may notice that the photo on his/her WhatsApp profile is similar to that in your phonebook, which is another indicator of someone having blocked you.

Whenever you attempt to make a WhatsApp voice call, nothing happens and the call doesn’t go through, it is also possible that you have been blocked. The same will also happen with messages where you will only see a single grey tick to mean that the message was never delivered.

Whenever you don’t see the double grey ticks appear on your message, know that the recipient has blocked you. This is true because even if the recipient has disabled the blue ticks, you will still get the double grey ticks on your messages. There may also be some network delays that may hinder the delivery of the message to the device of your friend, so, make sure you confirm this before concluding that you have been blocked. You may take a period of five or six days to confirm whether it’s a network issue or not and if the message isn’t delivered by then, you can conclude that you have been blocked.

Finally, you can still get assurance from the person you think has blocked you. Maybe you could talk it out and square things so as this person unblocks you again.

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