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Top Google Search Tips You Didn’t Know About


Browsing the internet via your favorite search engine can be an exercise you take for granted, but have you really thought how much you can get out of the fun-inducing search results and histories? Searching the internet via Google, the world’s most popular browser can be magical too.  

So, how is Google magical?

First, Google has the largest repository of files in the world yet. You can key in a few words or phrases and achieve instant retrieval of a global library at your fingertips. Search whatever you want, including geographical information, movie reviews, space science and hard facts.

The only requirement that a person who wants to enjoy Google browsing and indeed any other is to be connected to the internet using their devices such as personal computers, desktops and smartphones. Other search engines exist for niche markets besides Google. Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Bing, Yahoo and UC browser all serve various users although they are less popular than Google.

Despite diversifying its revenue base from mere searches, the business of looking for files and accessing them remain the sole mandate of Google. To prove how profitable the search business is, just think of browsing the internet as the leading source of revenue for Google.

Google boosts of about 15 years of excellent experience which has enabled it to delve into sophisticated and detailed web search suitable for its wide array of users. Google is such a powerful search engine that it is rare to see the search utility collapse unlike others which crash every now and then.

Google Search Engine has stood the test of time and still has virgin search tips that the users are yet to discover. Go from a mundane search to a complex one and enjoy the fun in exploring. Google developers have all the time in the world to tailor amazing holiday pranks and the season’s fun games.

In order to yield the best results ensure that you use apostrophes to enclose your key words before you press the search button. When you are free, just use your hobby session to engage Google search engine for wonderful search experiences.

You can learn a lot from the Google search engine such as looking for customized images, synonyms, solving algebra, converting mathematical units and figures, looking up for the meanings of words, tracking your Google analytics and updating yourself about news.

Google news ranges from breaking, weather, stock market, checking in restaurants, airports, sampling advertised stories for entertainment, information and education.