Just last month, Facebook made it public that it was going to open up the Messenger app to more users.

This was a move targeted at eliminating the limitation that saw the users needing a Facebook account in order to join the platform.

However, when this announcement was made, it was initially available in four countries only and these include the U.S., Canada, Peru and Venezuela. However, the latest version of Facebook Messenger now lets the users from all over the world to sign up for an account without the need of a Facebook account.

Is Facebook set to replace WhatsApp with Messenger app?

When Facebook bought WhatsApp last year, many tech experts were of the view that this company had no real interest in this app. Instead, it was only a tactic meant to eliminate any form of completion that would arise from the app or any company that would think of buying the app. Indeed, it seems this was right, as in the recent past, we have seen Facebook Messenger receive some amazing updates that make it better than WhatsApp, but at the same time offering the same features as the latter app.

WhatsApp makes use of a phone number to sign up users to the platform. This is one thing that has made this instant messaging app very popular in the world as it makes the process of signing up and finding friends on the platform extremely easy. Now that Facebook Messenger is making this feature available on its platform and to the whole world means a huge problem might be brewing up for WhatsApp.

There still room for signing up with a Facebook account

Even though the new ability to sign up with a phone number is now available to the global Facebook Messenger audience, there is still room for those who want to sign up using their Facebook account. In this way, it will be easier to still monitor your conversations and respond to them from devices that can access Facebook and have no support for Facebook Messenger.

In the recent past, we have seen Facebook expand its trust in the Messenger app as an independent platform rather than just another of its many detachments of the social media’s primary network. It is no surprise that there is a new feature that adds to the independent functionality of the messaging app. In March, the company introduced Messenger payment service that allows the users to exchange cash directly from the app. There is also a new Messenger Platform that allows for the integration of third party apps into the messaging platform.

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