Playing exciting games like Candy Crush Saga can be quite emotional, especially if you reach peak levels, but still do not make it to the next round.

This is why knowing more about such a game helps to boost your confidence and helps you play with a better insight.

Before you Play Candy Crush Saga

Before you start to play the game, check and make sure all three lollipop candies that are made available for free are available. However, the fact that you have these candies doesn’t mean you should waste them. Know that, there is no way you will get more free candies if the three you have gets finished. So, make sure you do not waste them. It is not compulsory to use them for every level.

If you are playing a particular level and you realize it is easier, then it will be better if you save your candies. Saving your candies for levels that are very difficult is best. When playing, you will realize that the first few game levels are not very difficult to win. So, since you can cross these levels without boosters, try your best to do that till you reach levels where you need them for real.

Move Suggestions in Candy Crush Saga

When playing Candy Crush Saga, you will realize that it provides you with some suggestions, particularly when you are inactive for a period of time. It is true that these suggestions might seem the best to you at that time. However, you need to know that, those suggestions given to you by the game may be the worse to act upon.

The fact that you see some candies in specific areas light up doesn’t mean they should be the moves to make. Playing Candy Crush Saga is all about hard work. So, it will be better to check out on your own to find which move is the best to make, rather than accepting to be spoon-fed by the game.

Try to Create Power Combos

When you bring three candies of the same color together, you obtain points. However, this might not be enough for some levels. This is why you should try your very best to create power combos. So, how do you create power combos? By bringing together four or five candies of the same color together, power combos are created. If you bring together four candies of the same color in a row, you obtain straight and striped candies. These candies can be very beneficial in taking an entire column out.

Limited Moves in Some Levels

The game comes with a limited number of moves in some levels. So, you need to check out these levels carefully and check the number of moves you have. This will help you play wisely.

Bottom Line

Playing Candy Crush Saga can be very entertaining. This makes it a good game for the family to play. However, try not to get addicted to the game. This is because there are so many people who have grown addicted to the game which is never a good thing. Play, have fun, win and do not be addicted to the game.

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