The latest reports surfacing from Chocolate Factory reveal that there is a new Google Maps app that will bring back the once appreciated feature of editing maps.

Using this feature, the users were able to submit edits of their own that included labels in a bid to improve the mapping services of this application. However, some users turned rogue and started posting insulting images and as a result, Google shut down the program on its location services app back in May.

New Google Maps app, new rules

The latest version of Google Maps comes in with new rules for this re-introduced feature. Unlike in the past where Google employees were in charge of keeping an eye on the revisions or edits of maps that were submitted by the users, the latest update will include hand-picked users to screen the revisions that have been presented as well as help in approving any of the changes submitted.

According to a statement from the Google Maps product manager, this new app and feature will be available starting from early August this year. The search engine giant is looking to bring in the users who will have influence over the results of the revisions submitted for their respective countries. What this means is that the Map Maker revisions will now be more open for moderation by the Google Maps community.

How the new Map Maker edits work

In the new system of Google Maps edits, various regions of the globe will be assigned community moderators and they will be solely responsible for these regions and any changes that are to be made. Initial revisions will be run by automated moderating software from Google and after that, the community moderator will have to come in with an approval before the change can finally be made. Google will also make use of its staff to check the revisions just in case they are needed.

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