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How to Use Google Play Store to Download Many Free Apps


Google Play Store is the main or official store for Android operating systems.

The app store allows the users of the Android devices to check out and download applications that they have much interest in. This way, they can use those apps online and offline. The applications you find in the Google Play Store are designed with Android SDK. However, they are only published through this Google platform. This store is an online distribution platform that provides magazines, music, books, TV programs and lots of games. A lot of people complain about not being able to benefit from this store. However, knowing exactly what you need from this store will make you benefit from it more.

Accessing Apps Is Free

There are more than 1.50 million active applications available on Google Play Store and this makes it one of the leading application stores in the world app market. If you want to access these apps, you can do that through Google Play Store for free or pay for them at a reasonable amount. Before you can use this store on your Android device, you will need to have the Google Play Store application downloaded and installed on it. After you have downloaded it you can have access to all the applications you need available in the store.

Know More about Google Play Store

Google Play Store was considered and seen as the Android Market when it was first introduced and it is now the official application store for Android Smartphones and tablets. Launched in October, 2008, Android Market was combined or added to Google Music and eBook stores and this is when Google Play was introduced in March 2012.

There are so many services you can benefit from where the Google Play Store is concerned. They include downloading music, books, movies & TV, games, newsstand, etc. Although all of these services are popular, Google Play Store games are high on demand all over the world.

Google Play Store is currently Pre-installed

This store comes already installed in all new Android tablets and Smartphones. This allows the users to download apps for free or buy apps from Google, not forgetting third party software developers. So, you can download applications that are offered for the Android devices through Google Play Store only. You also need to change the settings for your device to allow apps from third parties if you want to download and install from third parties as well. When downloading applications from the store, you will not have to worry about threats or malware. This is because all apps are scanned for these viruses and other threats before they are made available in the store.

Downloading Apps from the Store

Downloading your favorite apps from this store is very easy. All you will need to do is to open the app on your store and search for the apps you want to download. There are also content filtering alternatives that you can select. This way, you can control the download of adult material apps showing on your screens.