Microsoft and Apple are continuously working on new products and they won’t end their rivalry as long as their fans will continue to love their devices and demand successors. Later this year, Microsoft is expected to release the Surface Pro 4 tablet, while Apple will keep its fans in suspense until next year, when the new MacBook Air will reach the stores. Below, we’ll tell you everything we’ve find out about both devices.

Surface Pro 4

Currently, Intel is making the final retouches to its new Core i5 and i7 Skylake-based processors, so Microsoft will have to wait until they will be ready to be implemented into its fourth generation Surface Pro, and according to rumors, October will be the month when this tablet will be released. But, Business Korea has a different scenario, claiming that the Surface Pro 4 will actually come next year, because Samsung is in charge to deliver SSDs for Microsoft and the company will need 20 million units which will be ready until 2016.

Regarding the screen of the Surface Pro 4, it will be available in two variants of 12inches and 14inches, and their pixel density will be above 200ppi. The tablet will be powered by a quad core Intel Core i5 or i7 Skylake CPU, which will be backed by Intel HF Graphics and the RAM capacity will start from 4GB. The lowest internal memory will be 128GB and it will support expansion up to 1TB. Of course, the tablet will come with a better Surface Pen and the users will be able to attach a keyboard.

MacBook Air 2016

This laptop will benefit from a bunch of updates and it’s expected to be announced in October, but its release date is rumored to happen in March, next year. That’s because the device will receive the same Intel Skylake processor, which will be faster and more efficient than the Broadwell-based Core M processor that is powering the MacBook Air 2015.

The laptop will be slimmer and will have a HD Retina display, but the resolution will not be 2304x1440pixel, as it was rumored. The new MacBook Air will come with a USB-C port, it will support wireless charging and it will cost around 900 dollars.

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