iMessage is Apple’s proprietary messaging application and it comes installed on all iOS devices. But, if you’re friends are using WhatsApp, you can install this application from the App Store or from the official website of WhatsApp. So, is it worth installing WhatsApp? Does it have better features than iMessage? Let’s find out more about both applications.


Since it’s an application that was developed for iOS, iMessage works flawlessly on iPhones, iPads and iPods which run on iOS 6 and later, but it’s compatible with Macs as well, if they’re running on at least version OS X. The interface is very simple, displaying a list of previous and current conversations, it allows the users to delete them entirely or one by one, or even share them. Besides simple text messages, the users can send photos and short videos, beating WhatsApp with its integration with other native applications. The users can easily share images from the Photos app and make group chats, but not all features will integrate well if the other members have other types of phones.

If your iPhone is running on at least iOS 5, instead of sending a standard text message, you will send it as an iMessage. Most important, iMessage is a free application that is updated occasionally, so you should check for new versions on the App store.


This application has been purchased by Mark Zuckerberg in 2009 and now it belongs to Facebook. This purchase was auspicious for Zuckerberg, because in only one year, the number of active users increased from 500 million to 800 million (this number has been surpassed in April, and we’re betting that more and more users have registered by now). They don’t care that the application is free only in the first year of use, then it charges 0.99 dollars per year. One of the reasons why this application is so popular is because it supports multiple operating systems, and Android and iOS are updated more often, receiving new features that the users appreciate. One of them is Voice Calling, which was firstly added to the Android version in February, while on iOS it was available much later. If you want to install WhatsApp on an iPad or iPod Touch, you will need to jailbreak these devices, because the application has official versions only for smartphones.

WhatsApp has also more features, pre-defined messages and the option to share your location. Also, the Android and Windows Phone have a web version which allows the user to log into their accounts from their computers.

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