It is not possible to choose between iOS and Android without considering the Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively.  

These two are the largest marketplaces when it comes to mobile apps and just like any other happening, there are good sides and bad sides of these two operating systems or platforms, especially when matters of control are on the table.

When it comes to Apple, many would claim that this platform has stricter guidelines for the App Store where every app is tested by a human before it can be uploaded to the store. On the other hand, the Google Play Store will let most things pass by as long as they are not harmful or offensive in any way. This is something that gives the Android users the access to third party apps such as emulators, file downloaders, launchers and many other apps that are not available on iOS.

But the main question here is how does being an “open” source help the Google Play Store? If it helps, is it really the time for Apple to adopt this openness by loosening its grip on the iTunes App Store? Well, keep reading for more insights into the answers to these questions.

Android is loved due to its open nature

The main reason why many users and developers would go for Android is the open nature of this OS. What this openness does is to provide the users with more freedom where they can do lots of different things that are not allowed on the iOS platform. In addition, there are more apps available on the Play Store as compared to what you get on the App Store. This OS allows numerous customizations, tweaks as well as modifications thanks to the third party apps that are allowed on this platform.

There are definitely those Apple users who are opposed to this statement. Very few are of the view that Apple would gain a lot more by making its platform open source. This fact cannot be denied and the idea of the App Store being closed is actually why some users are on this platform. The closed nature of the iOS makes it less vulnerable to security issues, clones and rip-off apps. In fact, this nature gives the users a sense that the App Store is better managed, has higher quality and it is also effectively regulated.

It is why it’s not easy to come across an iOS app that hits more than 10,000 downloads before it is discovered to be scam, which is something that is very common on the Google Play Store. If such an app walks into Apple’s path, it won’t even make past the gates. This is what makes the Apple App Store the best and most secure app store.

This accord can even be shared by Google thanks to the fact that it has started adopting some of Apple’s approaches. For instance, the company has recently included humans in the process of reviewing apps before they are uploaded to the Play Store, just like Apple does. The closed nature of iOS can be overridden by jailbreaking your device, something that most users of iPhones and iPads do not prefer.

App Store moving towards being open and Play Store moving towards being closed

These two companies, Google and Apple, have been in constant competition on almost every front. In fact, the Google Play Store has in the recent past been inclining itself towards becoming a closed platform while the App Store has been loosening its grip on its closed nature.

However, one thing that Apple has remained perfect and strict about the App Store is control. While there have been instances when Apple inflicts premature bans on apps, it is not easy to say that this has had a negative effect on the aftermath.  In the end, the iOS users enjoy a better experience while at the same time developers make some really good cash from app sales. In short, the Apple App Store offers the users with a much more enhanced experience as opposed to what the Google Play Store has to offer.

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