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Microsoft Adds a New WhatsApp-Like Send App for Emails


Microsoft has been very busy in the recent times, doing all possible acts to ensure that the upcoming Windows 10 turns out a better OS than what happened with Windows 8.

This company has been updating this OS with new and exciting features and services and the latest to be added revolves around the emailing functionality of this OS.

It seems the company is working hard to ensure that all emails are streamlined in the best possible way. Microsoft has just launched a new Send app that makes life as far as emailing easier and appears like sending a message on WhatsApp. The Send app has now eliminated the subject line when sending an email and instead, it takes you direct to the list of contacts you have saved.

Microsoft cutting on the cumbersome nature of emails

Microsoft’s thinking is that emails can be very cumbersome, especially when compared to many other modern means of communication such as WhatsApp. Before one can send an email, he/she must first of all open the email application, open a new window for composing the mail, enter the email address of the contact in the recipient field, write a subject line and then write the body of the message you want to send.

Furthermore, there are high chances that you may have a huge number of emails that are not associated with any phone number and asking them to join an instant messaging platform just in order to chat with you might sound naïve. This is where the Send app comes into play as it will afford you with the benefits of making WhatsApp-like communications with your current email contacts without the need of asking for their phone numbers or downloading a separate app for the same purpose.

WhatsApp-like Send app doesn’t need a subject line, salutation or signature

The good thing about the latest Microsoft Send app is that it has very few limitations. Unlike the traditional emailing app, you won’t need to provide a subject line, salutation or even a signature when sending a mail. In fact, this app will bring to life all your recent and frequent contacts immediately you launch it. If your friend is also using the Send app, you will be able to know when they are typing a response to your message.

This is a rare but interesting approach from Microsoft. The Send app is for sure going to take care of a real niche where the users can send quick messages to contacts whom they only have their email addresses and they don’t want to ask for their phone numbers or even their instant messaging accounts. This app will not be here to take the place of the traditional email app, but it allows the users to exchange instant messages with their email contacts. The conversations that are initiated from this app are the only ones that will be visible through it.

Send app only available for iOS, Android users to wait

At the moment, the Send app is only available to those using the iOS devices. However, it will not be long before those using Android and Windows Phone get this update.