Smartphones have become so important in our lives that misplacing them or having them stolen can be some of the scariest things that can ever happen to us. Our phone contains tons of information not only about us, but also about our close ones. When someone gets their hands on your phone, he or she can have access to sensitive information like your pictures that you don’t want anyone else to see, contact numbers and addresses, and even financial information. You can lose special memories within seconds that just cannot be replaced.

So, if you’ve had your Android phone stolen or lost, you’re most likely to be in a state of panic. You would want your exact phone back and would look for ways to recover your important files, pictures; you would also lock access to your phone or completely wipe it so that you know all your things are now safe.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry or feel helpless because now you can get your Android smartphone back into your hands by taking some simple steps that range from third party applications to easy security methods already built in your device.

Here are some of the most successful methods you can follow to find your lost or stolen Android mobile device:

Set up a security code or a lock-screen pattern

First of all you need to make sure you’re prepared for any unexpected situation in which you can lose your smatphone. For this, you need to set up a security code or a pattern for your device’s lock screen. Enabling a lock-screen pattern or a password is one of the simplest steps you can take to keep your data safe and protected. Although this won’t help you in finding your Android smartphone, but it will surely let you get relieved by the thought that at least your privacy and information are protected.

You can enable the lock-screen pattern or password by going to Settings > Security > Lock Screen, and from there you can select the security method you want to use. Some Android phones even allow access by facial recognition of the user.

Enabling Android Device Manager

Another method is to register your phone and make it accessible via the Android Device Manager. This is a useful little tool that was released by Google back in 2013 and it allows users to remotely locate, lock, ring and even erase your device simply with a few taps.

If don’t have the ADM app installed on your Android, you’ll need to download it first from Google PlayStore. After you have installed the Device Manager, make sure that it is enabled as the device administrator by going to Settings > Security and Screen Lock > Device Administrators. From here, simply check the box that says Android Device Manager in order to allow the app to access your device.

Once you’ve enabled the ADM, here’s how you can use it in case of any emergency: When you’ve lost your phone and have the ADM enabled on it, it’s quite easy then to keep your info safe. Visit from your PC, sign in to your Google account that is linked with your Android phone, and from here you can track the location of your device. You can lock your device or make it ring from the ADM page.

Try third party apps

As other alternative or third part apps, you can also use Lookout and AirDroid. Both have features of tracking your phone by location in case you’ve lost it or had it stolen.

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